Dextrose is a professional Sugar distribution for deployments.
A community project sponsored by Activity Central.

What will you find here?

This website - based on Redmine - provides a series of tools for managing the evolution and maintenance of Dextrose:
  • A series of Dextrose-related projects.
  • For any of these projects, you can check activity, post and work on issues, manage files, edit the documentation and many other actions (some of them being accessible only to users with the right permissions set).
  • The work on these projects materializes in current and future Dextrose releases with roadmaps, calendars and many other tools available to check the status of changes and additions to the software and synchronize efforts across the community.

sugardextrose.org is the result of merging the previous One Education tracker with Activity Central's development site. You can find all the OE projects under the OLPC Australia branch at the projects page.

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